by Luis Dourado

“Untitled” is the first author book by the artist Luis Dourado. A limited edition of two hundred and fifty pieces, offset printed and then hand drawn, book by book, page by page. The release invites you to a private journey, a supposition, a wonder through memories, a speculative archive about bounds and history.

Book by Luis Dourado
Porto /Barcelona/Berlin


All the Lovers
by Rita Lino

First author book by Rita Lino, “All the lovers” is an intimate and secret object, a diary, a personal archive that breaks through the mind of a woman, through the life of a loner. For the portuguese photographer there are no boundaries between life and fiction, between the dream and the reality, everything is true, everything is real.

Photography by Rita Lino
Text by Mike Hoolboom
Porto/Barcelona 2012


SAUNA W/ César Segarra

Intrigued about his past, his roots and first steps, his methods and schedules, about why he tied Daniel Bruhl´s hands in plastic to shoot his portrait, how he met Amanda Lepore in her private life or shot Sophia Lamar in the streets of New York, SAUNA invited César Segarra, one of the most sui generis “new-gen” international fashion photographers, to invade the pages of the first issue of SAUNA W/ and show us what “real life” is all about.

All the Photography by César Segarra
SAUNA W/ Magazine Issue One
Barcelona/New York/Porto/Frankfurt 2012