Fashion photographer César Segarra accepted the challenge of Atelier des Jeunes to create a limited series of prints to join and gather with the Spanish platform. Well, the result you can find it here and just make sure you get your hand around on of these!



Atelier des Jeunes


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“Whatever you want” by THOMAS LELU


Tomas Poblete and Leo Bruno Todd AKA Arcanmellor just striked back last Saturday with the first solo show by the french artist Thomas Lelu. “Whatever you want” invites you to an interactive visit to MK2 Studios in Hackney, London.

“A sense of immediacy in Thomas’s work observes opinions both cultural and political. Feminism and its consequences, status, capitalism, evolution, sex and visual transcendence are skillfully compiled in his writings and artwork. WHAT EVER YOU WANT is a direct collaboration between the artist and the public. Those who make it to the stacks of blank canvases will be able to imprint whatever they desire on their surface. These pieces shall then be hung as the intervened art works they have become, alongside those made by the artist. It is the participatory nature that on many levels questions the ideas derived from historical perceptions over ownership, originality, identity and the role of ‘the artist’. 
Thomas Lelu b.1976 is a French Artist, writer and Film Maker. He has published a series of acclaimed conceptual art books and novels with Leo Scheer, Sternberg Press and notable Onestar Press. He has exhibited his work and performed at Palais De Tokyo, Fondation Cartier, Musee D’Art Moderne in Paris and galleries such as Dominique Fiat, Bugada & Cargnel, Vincenz Sala and Nuke Gallery.” Arcanmellor

Sunday 22nd Oct – 2nd Nov 2013 @ MKII 71-75 Powerscroft Road E5 0PT Clapton, Hackney



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Yesterday in London, Arcanmellor opened the show “The Original Candy” presenting for the first time in the UK the portuguese artist Luis Dourado. “The Original Candy” brings together a group of work developed by the artist since 2009 until the present years, also showcasing his latest project, the book “Untitled” recently released by SAUNA. This show will be followed by a second round exhibition in September on a collaboration with SAUNA. “The Original Candy” will be on from until the 8th of August at the MK2 Studios in Hackney, London.

Luis Dourado


MK2 Studios


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Arcanmellor is pleased to announce the first solo show in the UK by Portuguese artist Luis Dourado. Using photographic manipulation, ink and collaged drawings and decorative objects – all connected by the masking and enhancing of their subjects through geometric patterns, Dourado takes us on a reflective journey through colour, found imagery and personal history.

Alongside a  mixture of works on paper and sculpture, Dourado will be showcasing his first self published book ‘Untitled’ – a limited edition production of 250 pieces, printed offset and then hand drawn, book-by-book, page-by-page.

For this event you are invited on a private journey: a mediated amble through memory and personal history.


PRIVATE VIEW - 25TH July 6pm-10pm
Opening times -26th July -8th August 11am-5pm  CLOSED ON MONDAYS
Venue – MKII 71-75 Powerscroft Road E5 0PT Clapton, Hackney

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Friends of SAUNA: RGB/XYZ Studio

It´s now been a little while since SAUNA´s first steps took place and after our third release it really feels like is time to start lifting up the curtains once in a while.  ”Friends of SAUNA” will present you those who are directly contribute and make SAUNA happen. For this first journey we invited the Porto/Berlin based studio RGB/XYZ, the brain behind SAUNA´s teasers and promo videos.

RGB/XYZ Studio was founded back in 2006 by the hands of the Pedro Maia who leds the way into a brilliant and unique mass of work. Maia as been presenting his author work in several film festivals and galleries such as Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Split Film Festival, Rencontres Internationales, Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Curtas Vila do Conde, MACBA Barcelona, Media 10/10 Festival or Indie Lisboa. In parallel the author as been developing an outstanding list of collaborations with artists and musicians such as Panda Bear, Lee Ranaldo, Jacaszek, Demdike Stare, Fennesz, Joy Orbison or Thomas Brinkmann, among many others.

RGB/XYZ´s Art Direction reflects all this and that´s not surprising. By perfectly combining experimental and neo-formal atmospheres, the studio materializes videos that freely revisit the fields of Cinema, Video Art or Documentary. Intrigued about the moving image, the Studio collaborates with several initiatives from the Fashion, Music, Art, Architecture and Cinema worlds, working with clients such as the interior designer Paolo Giachi, Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival or the italian shoes brand Buttero. We selected for you few of our favourite videos produced by the Studio but if you feel like having the whole RGB/XYZ experience just click on the link below!


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